Monday, March 14, 2011

Rainy day...

Well the weather down in MS is super nasty today. However, it was absolutely beautiful Saturday and Sunday. I was able to get a couple of projects finished(even though I can't even use some of them!). 

I have been bound and determined to get a headboard and footboard for our queen size bed. Since we have been living in our house, it has been mattress and box springs on a metal frame against the wall. I feel like a bachelor. Finally, I found a headboard on Craigslist that was worthy of painting and redesign! Woo-freakin'-hoo! She wanted $25 for her king headboard. I emailed her for measurements and she let me know it was 60" wide. Now, my reasonable side didn't come out and I thought she had just gotten confused and it was a queen size. I even measured our mattress and it was 60"! Score! So I drove 45 minutes to pick it up. I got it home and it even had spindles that screwed in the sides that she didn't show in the pic! Even better! So I went to Wal-Mart and stocked up on primer and Krylon Bright White satin spray paint. Then I headed to Home Depot for a wood scroll to glue on and spruce it up. I was so excited to get into action and have a headboard before we went to sleep!

I got home and started spraying the wood scrolls and set them aside. Then there was this awful looking notched piece that just wasn't cutting it for me. Luckily, it came out very easily. It left some markings where the nails were, but I sanded those and filled with wood filler(the kind in a squeeze tube). I primed and put a coat on with the spray paint. It was so not covering. So I busted out the leftover trim paint. It was a Behr semi-gloss white. I rolled on a few coats and perfecto!

Since I already had the spray paint out, I decided to paint the spindles, some Home Interior sconces I found on ebay, and finish the wood scrolls. Our puppy, Dixie, had been inside all day so she wouldn't interfere with my work.  So I let her out to have some fresh air and the mutt decides to run off with one of the wood scrolls! I chased her around the yard for ten minutes before she led me to the side of the shed where I slipped on some leaves and promptly landed on my backside, giving me an immediate headache and sore back. (If you are my friend on FB, this will explain why I was trying to give away my puppy Saturday)  Needless to say, I finished the headboard and got it ready to install to our bed frame. Hubby and I got it into the house and realized, either the lady I bought it from really doesn't know how to measure anything or I should have measured before I left her house with it. The dang thing is 6 ft wide, rather than the 5' she told me. All that work and the stinkin' thing is too long. Hope Mom and Dad can use it, or it's up for sale.

I will try to get pics up asap.

This let to another bed disaster. I found aother headboard and footboard on CL for $25. Hubby decides we will buy it just because it's so cheap. The guy wants to get rid of it so bad that he delivers it to our house. Hubby thought it looked a little small to be a queen but this guy insists it is. Well, it's not. Big surprise with our luck in beds. It's a full size. It is very pretty and has amazing details, but is a little scratched up. I'm hoping to get around to it this weekend if the weather is pretty. Not sure if I want to restain it or paint. Either way, it is up for sale. I'll post before and after pics when I'm finished.

Finally, I bribed the hubby into letting me just make an upholstered headboard. He obliged(probably just because he as tired of hearing me whine and felt sorry for me because I fell). Anyway, we woke up bright and early, all three kids in tow, and went straight to Home Depot where I bought plywood and a 1"x4".  I then headed to Joann's for some pretty suede-y fabric and nailhead trim. By the end of the day I had a beautiful headboard straight out of the Pottery Barn catalog!

Not really, but close! Once, again, no pics, but will add them soon! I will also post a step-by-step of how I made it and the materials I used!

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