Friday, May 27, 2011

My Beachy Wedding

Lately, I have been seeing so many beach inspired rooms. I personally love the beach and my parents have been taking my sister and I to the Gulf coast since I can remember. We started out on the coasts of Florida and through the years made the Alabama beaches our favorite. When my sister and I were young we vacationed on the beach at least once a year, sometimes twice. Our most recent trip was to Ft. Morgan, AL for our wedding. I couldn't imagine any other perfect place than this. Until BP had their little mishap....

We had already paid our deposit for our beach house and were worried what was going to happen with our "perfect" plans. Luckily, the water cleared up and there was NO oil in the water(that we could see or taste, at least). They opened the beaches back up about two weeks before the wedding and it turned out to be perfect after all!! 
See how blue the water was??!

This wedding was planned on a serious budget. If I couldn't find what I was looking for at the right price, I made it. Including the bamboo arbor we stood under while being married.

 I made all the flower arrangements, except the bouquets and all the decorations, with the help of family and friends. We made all the food and desserts.

I iced these cookies the night before the wedding!

If you can't tell, my wedding was starfish themed. I fell in love with the way the starfish looked and totally went with it.

The best part is that I got to bring most everything home with me as momentos. I found an arrangement similar to this one and wanted it so badly.

The kit with the vase, sand, candle, shells and starfish was over $50 each plus shipping. I headed over to our local Old Time Pottery and picked up two similar vases and white candles. My mom filled the vases with sand from the beach and shells she found as well as very inexpensive store bought starfish. There were two and they turned out perfectly all for about $20 for both centerpieces, saving about $80!! I brought one home and she has the other. Mine is sitting on my armoire in our master, I love looking at it everyday knowing it holds sand and shells from the beach we were married on!

I wouldn't have been able to do it without the help of wonderful family and friends! There were only about 15 in attendance, not including the wedding party and everyone chipped in and helped with something, whether it was building the arbor, smoothing the sand, or making food and starfish decorations for the aisle chairs.

It was the most perfect wedding and we loved our local minister. He incorporated the ocean and sand and told us true love is endless, just like the ocean. Sigh.

If anyone is interested in the details of the decor or vendors we used in that area, feel free to contact me. They were all AWESOME! I would recommend them to anyone with small or large budget!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Time for a new clock...

Since we moved in our house, we have always had a large clock in our living room. At first, I never paid any actual attention to the function, it was hanging on the wall for decoration purposes only. But, everytime I asked hubby what time it was, he pointed to the wall. So then I got used to checking the time on the wall clock and depending on it to make sure I was out of the house on time for school.

A couple of months ago, Hayden started a stage where he beat his big head against anything near him, doors, furniture, and you guessed it, walls. One day we weren't paying enough attention to his head-banging and so he banged hard enough that the clock fell straight off the wall and bounced off his head. That was the end of that clock.

The clock hasn't been replaced because I'm super picky about what I want to do with that space. Since I'm obsessed with mirrors and all, I've really been contemplating creating some sort of mirrored clock. We recently replaced the standard frameless mirror in our master bath with a framed one from Kirkland's outlet. So I have a mirror that can be cut down to size. The issue is finding a clock kit that I like and figuring out what type of numbers I am going to use(Roman numerals or block numbers?) and if I want to etch the numbers or use vinyl or paint. 

I've got a few images of what I like, but not really sure how I'm going to cover the edge of the raw mirror if I have it cut down. Maybe I need to scour the area for a round frame? Or maybe a large square frame with the numbers in a circular design?? I'm so indecisive!!

I'm loving this one from Restoration Hardware. I love the circular design and square frame. How in the world would I get this design on a mirror?? Stencil paint possibly? Projector??

I also like the antique look of this one, but it has no hands, so not actually a working clock.

This one is modern and sleek, but no numbers and I'm not patient enough to try to picture numbers in my head :)

Love these two as well!! I guess I have a lot of decisions to make!! The biggest part is going to be trying to get hubby to take the huge mirror to the glass shop to have it cut down. Luckily, it's not far from our house and they have even offered to cut it for free! What nice people they are!

Maybe someone will have some suggestions for me!


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