Thursday, March 24, 2011

Paint...yet again...

I've come to realize I might be a little, tab bit obsessive over paint colors. I cannot just choose a color and be done. I literally scour the internet for any and every painted room I can find. I can look at paint swatches, but it definitely doesn't compare to seeing it on someone's actual wall with their decor. I'm also pretty sure the people at Home Depot hate me by now. I've had plenty of trips their in the last month(have even been 3 times in one day). I stare at the paint swatches in one brand, shimmy over to the next brand, usually skip Disney, then over to the next. I grab a few swatches, throw them in the basket and then back to where I started. About a month ago, I was looking for a Tiffany blue. I told the guy that I needed a paint match to Sherwin Williams Tiffany Blue.

He mixed up the sample and it came out a weak, baby blue, clearly not robin's egg like it was supposed to be. So then, he searched Tiffany in his swatch matching thingy and mixed another color. This time it came out  very close, but a little too green. So I had him add more blue. What I had was pretty dang close!

He told me it would be easier to just bring in the box to match. Did you hear that Hubby???

Finally. I grab my paint samples and move to the front of the store where there is a plastic tote the exact color of Tiffany blue! I grab it up and take it back to the guy to match the color. By this time, he tells me that on my receipt there is a place to go on the internet and tell HD how their employees are doing. He said if I do that he could get a $50 gift. Ha! Apparently, I put him through so much trouble, he thought he really needed that extra $50!!

During one of the most recent trips, I went in looking to get a sample that matched Ben Moore's Santorini Blue.

I super serious wanted this for my bedroom and bathroom. I tell the older gentleman and he tries to look it up. He says it does not exist in Benjamin Moore, but Sherwin Williams had that color. Since he could not see the color on the screen, I googled it. It was wayyy too dark. I also couldn't understand why I could find it on BM's website, but they didn't have it in the system. So then, he asks me, in such a lovely tone(did you catch the sarcasim?) if I wanted to take the chance with that color and pay the $3 for a sample. Um, no. I want BM's Santorini Blue, not SW's. Finally he leaves and I do some more research and find out that they changed the formula a tad and call it Nantucket Fog. It is almost the same. So I get my $3 sample and move on, only after the other employee kindly laid out every other brand's swatches they had available :)

Nantucket Fog

Finally, the day came when it was time to get the actual paint for our bedroom and bathroom. I confidently(only because I had actually made a paint decision) went up to the employee(one whom I had never seen) and told him exactly what I wanted. BM's Nantucket Fog and Philipsburg Blue. He goes to the computer, looks them up and tells me he doesn't have to formula for either one! Luckily the kind employee who had scattered the swatches the day before took over and found the colors for me before I had a nervous breakdown.

The rooms look great and I love the colors, but I have to put my finishing touches up before I reveal!

If your my friend on FB you know that I have been struggling to choose a paint color for my kitchen. I had three narrowed down, but now I have added two more. Sheesh. Will it ever get done?? Here are the updated options.

Also, I wanted to mention that Melanie, over at The Frosted Gardner is giving away a $50 Home Depot card! Wouldn't that be lovely if I won? Maybe I should just invest in HD!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Let's Build!

My 2 stepdaughters are growing fast and running out of room in their shared room. As of now, they have two matching twin beds, a nightstand and a tv stand. They have to live out of thier suitcases while they are here because hubby has taken over their closet. Our master closet is just not big enough for mine and his stuff :).  They have only the nightstand with 2 drawers to use for storage. So all their junk goes under the bed or in those two drawers. Needless to say, their room is a disaster when they are here for lack of storage. I saw some awesome bunkbeds on my local Craigslist, but they are out of our price range right now and I have been trying my darndest to sell the ones they have, but no bites just yet. I'm positive the lady will sell her bunks before mine will sell. So, I have given up on those and I have decided to build my own!! Big surprise there, right? I have been doing research online and there are several websites that offer plans for FREE! Yes, free. But, none of them are perfect.

 Let me explain.

I had bunk beds as a child. They were the big ugly metal ones that was a futon on bottom and twin on top. I pinched myself often on the ladder and the futon. Now, I hope I haven't offended anyone with my statement. But, for some reason, I find anything that was in my house as a child repulsive, such as that bed, baby blue and pink paint and wallpaper(I could also go on forever about my hatred of oak cabinets). Metal bunk beds are just not my thing.

I found plenty of bunks that I LOVE, but they are $1000+. Yeah-freaking-right. I have stayed up at night debating on whether I really want bunks in my house, but it will free up so much space in their room and be better in general. When I started googling, I knew exactly what I was looking for and found this

and this

The first bed is my favorite and is what we will be aiming for. It looks so cottagey and I LOVE it! I have forced the hubby to agree and I think we will be starting next weekend! What makes it even better is that one of my junking, thift storing, yard sale-ing friends has an armiore she is passing along to me that will look great in their room. Not to mention, I came across a very retro desk that is still in decent shape that will be marvelous! I'm so excited to get started on their room and see the looks on their faces the next time they come to visit and they have a new room! I will post pics soon and list the instructions and materials when I finish in case anyone else is as brave as me!


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