Tuesday, April 26, 2011

So it seems I have an obsession, or quite a few actually!

Since I was out of school last night and had some free time after work, I decided to find some Goodwill frames to place the seahorse pictures in. I stopped by a new little place called Small Treasures. The first time I stopped by was after it first opened and it only had about 4-6 booths. Now, they are busting at the seams! They are 1000 times better than an antique store because there are plenty of antiques to choose from, but without the enormous prices. Also, way better that Goodwill, because I don't leave the store smelling like, well, Goodwill. And, I don't feel the need to sterilize my hands afterwards, that's a big plus!

I had made a trip around the store once and found quite a few things that I would have loved to take home. There lies the problem. I always find something I want to take home. In fact, there is a Pottery Barn piece, a gold frame, a box from ebay with a bird cage and ceramic birds(that has yet to be opened) and a gold mirror that I purchased the last time I was at Small Treasures, in my car at this moment. All these things were purchased over a month ago, even a couple of months ago, and they have been traveling around with me in my car. I don't take them inside, because I don't have anywhere to put them at this time. Plus, I have to unload a kid, purse, diaper bag, and sometimes lunch when I get home. Who wants to go back out to the car to unload more junk? Not me. They need to go into the shed for now, but then I will have to hear it from hubby when he opens the shed door and stuff comes tumbling down on top of him! So, hello shopping obsession. Or is it hoarding? None-the-less, on to my second obsession.


On my shopping trip yesterday I took a second trip around ST and almost missed this!

It did not have a hangtag, so at first I didn't think it was for sale. I checked the back and there it was! A sticker for $6!! I had to have it for my bedroom. For a month now, I have had a vision of a wall collage of pictures in my bedroom. I have a side chair and table that need to be recovered and stained and wanted the collage to hang above those. I have a tin star that is red and think it will coordinate perfectly. I think almost everyone has one, or two. You know what one I'm talking about??

And guess what?? Yeah, it's still in the car too! I did manage to take in the 3 books I got from Salvation Army (Lipstick Jungle, One Fifth Avenue, and My Year's with Julia) SCORE!

Oh, and while I'm at it, let me just mention how high prices are at the local Salvation Army. An old brass table lamp is $19.99. I realize this is for a good cause, but how are they going to donate any money if no one can afford their junk?? And dressers with severe water damage for $100?? Come on!

             Dear Salvation Army, I can buy a BRAND SPANKIN' new lamp that is NOT brass at Walmart for less than $20.


Just in case you were wondering, here is the mirror that has been hanging out in the back seat for a month or so...

Isn't she beautiful?? Not sure what I am going to do with her, but for $7, I couldn't pass her up! She has a travel companion too that is almost a twin, but she will be painted and stuffed with corkboard for Chloe and Savanna's new room! I'm thinking lime green!

This leads to my other obsession. Gaudy, ornate frames.

I typically buy any old gold frame I see if it's reasonably priced. It can always be painted and I'm sure I'll find a place for it one day(note the hoarding coming out in me here). I love anything with detail! I currently have two gigantic gold mirrors at home that need a place on a wall. Oh, wait, three :) I just have to find the perfect place for them.

So next time you come across an old tacky mirror, you'll think of me. And if you have any to get rid of, think of me!

Oh and I googled gaudy to make sure I was spelling it right(I'll blog about my memory loss one day and the fact that I seriously need a planner) and this was the first picture that came up! It's titled, "gaudy nail art".

Ha, ya think?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Seahorse Knockoffs

Well I got my Ballard Designs catalog in today and couldn't wait to see what kind of surprises were ahead! I flipped through, and of course, was in love with everything. BUT BOY, is it overpriced! Sigh.....I guess I'll have to figure out some way of making some knockoffs.

My favorite things were these seahorse giclee prints. I love the beach and these would look perfect in my blue bathroom!

Ballard Designs

But at $319 for both, I'm outta luck!  I pulled together my resources(Google, ha) and found a free download of a seahorse sketch and a free linen background and pulled together this...

Now, I know this is not the same, but I really like the finished product. Fell free to use my image if you like. Or make your own. The sketch can be found here
 and the background can be found here.  I can't wait to get them home and frame them and get them hung! I'll post a picture soon of them on the wall so you can see them against the blue!


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