Thursday, February 17, 2011

Goodwill Wingback Chair

In a previous post I mentioned my wingback chair that I am attempting to reupholster. "Attempting" is the key word here. My crafty friend, Jennifer, saw it at Goodwill and snatched it up for me. Turns out, it's a reclining chair, which makes it that much more complicated. I had looked up ways to easily recover this thing and found great tutorials here and here. But when I found out it was a recliner, I kind of cringed. This makes it twice as hard.

One post mentioned 11 yds of fabric...the other mentioned 5 yds. Of course, because I'm cheap and all, I bought 5 yds and another half yard for a coordinating pillow. Then, I ran to the remnant bin and grabbed up two more yds of green fabric. Love the remnant bin at Jo-Ann's...half price baby!

I had serious issues regarding the fabric choices for the chair. Here were the options.

I ultimately chose the yellow print. I really liked the navy and white but when I saw this yellow Pottery Barn chair on The Creative Maven's tutorial, I started obsessing over yellow.

Man I wish my house looked like this!

I searched long and hard for this fabric. I found some here and there but was all out of my price range.  So I settled with the Jo-Ann's yellow. I'm happy with it. So here is a small picture of all the fabric I came home with, including the remnants.

The gray coordinates perfectly and will look too stinkin' cute as a pillow. I may ad some tufted buttons in covered in the yellow or green fabric for contrast. We will see how much patience energy  I will have after this chair is finished.  The printed green fabric is an upholstery weight, where as the solid green is more of a satin weight.

I would love to post some before pictures, but my phone was going dead so I had to snap the pics on the hubby's phone. When I called today to have him send them over, he informed me that he had deleted them, asking "why would I want pictures of an old chair on my phone?" Um, because I took them for a reason. Really? Not only did I want to post them, I needed them to help me figure out where everything was stapled and where to start reupholstering my "onion". Gah. Men.

Fortunately, I am out of school tonight, tomorrow, the whole weekend, and Monday! Woo-freakin'-hoo! And the weather is beeeautiful! Hopefully I will have that chair finished and ready to enjoy by Monday night!


  1. Hey! Love your blog! Its fun isn't it! I started a blog too but mine is just jabbering...not cute and informative like this one!

    let us know what the wing back-recliner looks like in the end! - you may just inspire me to recover my grandmother's little antique rocking chair!

    Jenn (Bell)

  2. Hi! I found your blog while google-searching "wingback chair repurposed" -- don't you just love google? Anyway, thanks for the information. I'm still debating whether or not to buy two wingbacks I found on craigslist this many yards of fabric after all? 5 or 11? LOL

    I have a blog too, hope you follow me...I'm following you.



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