My average day...

I spend the most part of my day scouring new ideas on the internet. I used to find second-hand stores, such as Goodwill and Salvation Army, repulsive, dirty, and most of all GERMY! Now I spend a lot of free time there(that what hand sanitizer is for, no?) and searching yard sales. I started this blog because I am always trying to figure out a way to spruce up my home on the cheap, since most of my spending money goes towards my child :)

Lately, I've been sanding, painting, upholstering and Silhouette-ing(the splurge) my way through my home! I've reclaimed a thrift store vanity, which is now a desk, a dining chair for the desk, an upholstered ottoman and quite a few mirrors(I'm stinkin' obsessed with mirrors!). I've actually been pretty darn proud of myself! This is where the blog has come in place! I've been sharing a lot of my before and after's on my personal Facebook, but would like to share my hard work with the blogging world!

Follow me along the trials and errors of this journey! I can always use some new friends to talk about crafting with(the hubby is just not as obsessed fascinated  as I am)!!


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