Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dresser dilemma.

Well, poor hubby is going to kill me because now I'm on a dresser kick.  I'm really trying to get our mismatched master in order and it's taking me a while with all the other stuff we are doing every.single.hour.of.the.weekend. So, while I was doing my hourly search on I cam across a really rough looking dresser for $15. It was gigantic and very unusual. Almost immediately I had a vision and it looked a lot like this number...

Which is a $2500 Williams Sonoma french style buffet. Ha, right. I love how the white contrasts with the stained top. Then as I searched more for inspiration, I found this dresser, which was in horrible shape and this lady spruced up. Now the craigslist dresser and this dresser are almost JUST alike. Same details in the drawers and everything! I decided I had to have the dresser.

So I sent poor hubby over to the house to get it and let's just say he came home empty handed and smelling a little like "grass" if you catch my drift. He proclaimed that the dresser was not coming into our house. Enough said. So I've been on the prowl for a nice old wood dresser that I can paint white and stain the top a dark mahogany or walnut. If any of my friends come across one at a cheap reasonable price, let me know!


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