Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Big Boy Room

I'm super excited to be able to get started on Hayden's big boy room! He will be 3 in February and it's time to get him a big bed! He is a monkey and started climbing out of his crib over a year ago. We lowered it to the lowest setting and the little monster learned to swing his little leg over and pull himself out. We realized this when we were sleeping peacefully and some time in the middle of the night, he is in our room wanting in OUR bed! We were afraid he was going to break his neck, or some other important body part, so we transformed his crib into the toddler mode with the half bar to keep him from rolling off.

Now, I do NOT like having him in our bed. For one, Hubs is a sound and rough sleeper, so he could roll over him and not even feel it. Second, this kid is a crazy sleeper and kicks me all night. Third, I don't want him to learn to sleep with us. I am a very light sleeper and this mama needs peaceful sleep!

 The poor kid didn't even have a nursery when he was born. we moved two weeks after he was born and used his room for storage for unpacked boxes while he slept in the pack-n-play in our room. When he was about 4 months old, we got his room together. It  now consists of white furniture that was in my room at my grandmother's house. It is not for a boy, but we needed it, so it's worked for now. His crib is one that we got at Target on sale, I can't remember the style. This one is similar but the back is solid.


 I lucked out with his crib bedding and found a brand new set by BananaFish on ebay for $60! This set would have cost me over $200 retail! I love the colors of it and the little animal shapes. I have never liked any of the babyish bedding at other places and the bright colors made it more grown up.
Joshua Bedding by Bananafish - Baby Crib Bedding - jos10883

I'm a big fan of navy blue. Like, I'm obsessed with it.  Maybe because it's classic and gorgeous, maybe because it goes with ANY other color. I also love red. I also love anything nautical. So I have a picture in my head of him having a nautical styled bedroom. Everyone seems to be doing nautical now, though. So, I've been thinking.

What does HE like?

He likes cars and trains and planes and motocycles and anything that makes a loud noise and goes fast! So an airplane theme is what we are going with. He has a pretty small room. Let's face it, every room in this house is small. Sigh. So for now he will have a twin bed or toddler bed.  Probably a toddler bed from Craigslist. I have furniture in mind and may have some for his room tomorrow! Cross your fingers!!  He, for sure, needs storage, the kid has toys like nothing I've ever seen! I do plan to have a yard sale this weekend and getting rid of some of the toys he doesn't play with and maybe the money can fund some decor!

So here are some inspiration photos for you to gander at! Let me know what you think! I definitely need some feedback!

Found here

airplanes boys bedroom themes idea
Found here

Found here

The room above is incredible and you should check out the post!

I love you plane print
I Love You plane message across the sky airplane banner 5x5 art print - I Love You
Found here

Found here

Found here

Is it bad to spend $30 on a clock for a person who can't tell time? 

Wooden Propeller with Clock
Found here

I have a ton of other ideas going on including sheets from Pottery Barn Kids! I'm ready to start because I know he is going to love it! He was ooohing and ahhhing at the bed sheets on the computer screen!!

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