Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hello Stranger!!

Well, it's been a while, quite a while, 7 months since my last post, to be exact.

 I'm pretty sure that makes me the worst blogger yet.

Oh well! I have some pretty good excuses I think. I was finishing cosmetology school at night, working full time during the day, raising a toddler, keeping a husband happy, graduating said cosmetology school, studying for boards and finding a job! Ha! Pretty serious year I had going on there! Luckily, for my sanity and everyone around me, I'm finished with school! I have a great job and great clients! BUT I am ready to get back to blogging!

When I left off in my last post, we were here....

And here...

Last week, my husband mentioned we should get new living room furniture. HAPPY, HAPPY, JOY, JOY!! I seriously hate this sofa. I mean, its like falling into a puffy hell. The bottom cushions slip out constantly and force people into the back crease of the couch. It's horrible. Not to mention, it looks like a man's sofa.

After I thought about it a while, I went back to him and asked if he just brought up new furniture to get me all excited, just to deny me of happiness later. He smiled and said "yes". Lovely. Too bad I already had a new sofa picked out ages ago and it looks something like this...

She is the Prelude sofa from Ashley Furniture.

Right now she is $659 for the sofa and $639 for the loveseat. Does that make any sense?? The loveseats are only $20 cheaper than the sofas. A little ridiculous if I say so myself.

One day while I was taking a half day at work, I stopped by Ashley's to check out the sofa in person, (until then, I had been stalking her from the website). I loved it just as much in person as I have for months on the web. It is super comfy and the pillows are actually very pretty, most are hideous! I spoke to Kevin while I was there, and he said IF we do get new furniture, we will have to have a loveseat as well as the sofa. Fine by me. The saleslady was very nice and must have sensed that I'm super cheap frugal, because she told me she would keep her eye out for me and let me know next time they have a friends and family 20% sale! That means I could get the sofa and loveseat for right at a grand, rather than the $1300+ I would have to dish out for regular price. That makes my heart happy!

I am also on the lookout for a super cute and dainty gold side table for the side of the sofa near our bedroom door. I love the way these look..

While I was searching from pictures of these two tables, I googled Worlds Away to find the source and lo and behold, Worlds Away is out of Memphis and has a warehouse AND OUTLET here in Memphis!! What??? How did I not know this?? I will be making a trip soon! Also, OneKingsLane.com sells WA in their sales every so often, unfortunately for me, one just ended and who knows when they will hold another sale. Boo.

I also have seen this one all over blogland and Pinterest

In my searches, all I could find was $300-$800 tables. Until I found this beaut at Tarjey!

You can find it here.

Doesn't it look just like the one in the Suzanne Kasler room?? All the way down to the claw feet and everything! However, the color is more like an ORB, and they top is more like a tray then tabletop. But a coat of gold metallic spray paint and beveled mirror insert would make it perfect for my living room! I'm so excited!

We are supposed to be getting out tax money this week, but apparently, the goverment is all slow and stuff and they are all coming back late. So I guess I'll have to wait on my new furniture for another week or so(if they even have it in stock), I'm pretty sure the table will be coming sooner though ;) Now everyone don't go an buy it so it's sold out when I get to ordering Wednesday!!

SO, I guess I should apologize for my disappearance, and I hope I have some followers left!

I'll be back soon!!

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