Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Shade switcheroo

After we painted and started bringing everything back into the living room(or shall I say attempted, since it now looks like we just moved in since there is hardly anything on the walls).  I decided to make a quick switcheroo on the floor lamp that came along with the hubby when we moved in. Before it was an ORB with a standard beige colored shade.

And after, well it's still ORB, but has a brand spankin' new shade!!

I picked up two twin drum shades on clearance at Target because I just knew I would use them one day :) Sad, I know.

But, they were half price and the only two left. I was sure they would be gone and would have a hard time finding others I liked for a good price! And I DID put them, well one of them, to good use! It probably won't stay this way, but we will see.

So a quick before and after to wrap things up. What do you think? Better with the drum shade or keep original shade??


  1. Yes--that bigger shade looks perfect on your floor lamp now--that was a great bargain too!

  2. Kudos on the transformation! The new shade is a lot more substantial than the old one, it is amazing what a difference such a simple change can make.



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