Friday, July 8, 2011

Master Bedroom

I have been really working trying to get my master bedroom just perfect. It's taking longer than expected(nothing unusual here). We painted the room a couple of months ago and it is Philipsburg Blue from Benjamin Moore matched at Home Depot in Behr paint/primer in one.

So far, I've tackled diy curtains in fabric I got on clearance for $5 a yard at Hancock Fabrics(with this tutorial, I used the tab method), 2 euro pillow shams and a small accent pillow in another fabric I got on clearance for, are you ready?? $1.50!! I amaze myself sometimes! :). I also picked up a simple white queen duvet set with two shams from Target for $24.99. I have been looking all over the net for a simple white duvet cover and couldn't find one for less then $30. This one included two shams and I was able to check the quality before purchasing.

I am currently working on the headboard. I made one a few months ago from plywood and micro-suede fabric to mimic this one

Pottery Barn

Mine just turned out looking cheap and diy. Even though I did it myself, I didn't want it to look that way. It was too flimsy looking and just, well, plain. When I was searching for paint colors I came across this bed and fell in love.

Not sure of the source, if anyone knows, help me out :)

I thought for sure this was the bed for me! Then I saw this post from View Along the Way and she built her whole bed, including frame and slats to hold the mattress! She has a great tutorial and material list including prices!


Nice huh??

I tried the same approach and used her ideas to make close to the same shape. I wanted mine thicker than the first one I made to look more professional and had some foam insulation on hand. I figured it's better to use free materials then spend the money on foam, which can add up! I cut my shape with the jigsaw and glued the insulation to the plywood. I then used a hacksaw to cut the insulation. It's pretty thick stuff and not flexible by any means! When I went to start stapling the fabric, I had a really hard time. I'm guessing, since the insulation was about 2 inches thick, it didn't want to take the curves well. I couldn't get the fabric to fit tight around the bottom parts of the dome. After 3 hours of stapling and them pulling them out to try a different technique, I gave up on it! I tried again the next day for about twenty minutes and decided that the shape I had chosen was not going to work.

I ended up cutting the dome off to end up with a shape like this

I will be tuftting mine and the nailhead trim will be around the sides and top of the headboard where the wood is, not the front(they won't stay in the insulation).  I have everything finished except the tufting. The holes are drilled, but I haven't made my mind up on whether I should use the linen I used on the headboard or some contrasting ones!! What do you think? Matchy-matchy buttons, or buttons that will pop against the natural colored linen??

I should have pictures of the finished headboard up this weekend! Check back! 


  1. Greetings from a fellow Memphian! I just discovered your blog via Better After. Very nice job on the desk makeover! You are having much better luck on the Memphis Craigslist than I have had lately, though I am hoping the Habitat for Humanity store and the soon-to-be-opened Blues City Thrift will be good sources for fun--and cheap--projects. You might be well past the foam cutting stage at this point in your current project, but I thought I'd offer one tip for cutting that stubborn stuff in the future: an electric carving knife--like the kind you use for slicing turkey on Thanksgiving. They are really good at handling weird angles and curves.

    Bookmarking you now! I look forward to seeing future posts.

    Cathy D.

  2. Obviously you are much smarter than me for just cutting off that top circle and changing the shape. I tried it again with the same shape and had more success with a heavier linen fabric, though I bet your new headboard will look so fabulous that I'll wonder why I even bothered! Can't wait to see it!

  3. @Anonymous
    Cathy, I love talking to fellow Memphians! I passed the Restore on 385 the other day and so excited to stop in! I haven't heard of the Blues City Thrift, where is it?

  4. Hey! Blues City isn't open yet, actually, but it will be run by the girl who used to run the MIFA thrift store before it closed down. I think her vision for the store is that it will be a little nicer --or at least different kinds of things--than the other stores in town. BCT has a page on Facebook, and they will occasionally post updates.
    Cathy D (I can't figure out how to post through Google--the links are being wonky!). :-)



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